Miami is one of the most fun cities to visit, and with temperatures in Winter in the mid 70s, it’s our number one Winter Escape.⁠

Here’s what to do in Miami Beach…

The Carroll Gardens staple opened their Miami pizza outpost a couple years ago, and the pizza is as good as the best spots in NYC. We can’t actually compare the Brooklyn pies vs. Miami because the lines have always been so long here in New York.⁠

But thankfully this neighborhood spot is available for any walk-ins as long as you show up around 6pm. Even if there is a wait, you can always eat at the bar next door which has the full menu available.⁠

In 2012, when Broken Shaker opened, it officially put Miami on the map in the Global cocktail scene. Their recipes have only gotten more complex and their access to their own garden always keeps super fresh ingredients on-hand to accommodate whatever their master Mixologists have in mind.⁠

This is a new discovery on our most recent trip for Art Basel thanks to our friends (John & Holly), and boy had we been missing out on this place for the past 7 years. This steakhouse is positioned on the southernmost tip of Miami Beach and it’s so close to the water that the waves almost crash on the outdoor bar. ⁠

What you’re gonna do is sidle up to the bar. Order a Negroni and an Aperol Spritz and gaze at the stunning sunset and wave to departing cruise ships glistening in the evening sun.⁠

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