The vast majority of our wonderful Capture photographers already know all of the tips and tricks we’re going to outline below from one of our most recent NYC Vacation Photo Sessions, but we thought it never hurts to always be looking for ways to improve our photo shoots, so we put this together.

This is a recent NYC Vacation Shoot we did with the lovely couple Em and Si, and in these shots, it’s instructive not only to future Clients (to learn how to look your best), but also to our photographers to help them direct our Clients to really make them shine.

I’m eager to hear your thoughts on our critiques below and anything else we should add in here.

Even If You Already Take Amazing Portraits, Here Are Some Small Tweaks to Make Them Perfect

This is a stellar shot, which could get better only if we instructed the Client to pull the hair away from her face

These light flares are really great, it adds some magic to the photos, so despite normally steering away from light flares, let’s learn into them

This is one of my favorite shots. It captures a scene that looks straight out of a movie. It may take 2-3 takes of waiting for the light to change to get this right, but it’s worth it

I noticed in the walking shots a bit of motion blur which i think takes away from the photo. If you could keep the shutter at 1/250, it’ll remove most blur

Incorporating elements of new york like the subway make for really memorable shots. The same goes for hot dog stands, pretzel stands, taxis, etc.

Using the lighting of the cart really makes this photo outstanding. When shooting in winter with less sun, whenever we can find light sources like this, it’s great

The Client needed to lower his chin in this shot, if you can instruct them to try raising and lower their chins in these types of shots so we get the right angle. Shoot maybe 5 photos each with different levels of chin angle

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