Capture FAQ

How does Capture work?

We connect local photographers with customers who need photographers. To book a photographer, click “Capture” and we’ll match you with a photographer. They will have one hour to arrive at your location and will shoot you, your friends, family or business for $99 for the hour. Once the Session is completed, the photos will be made available for you in the app in 48 hours.

How do I download my photos?

48 hours after your Session is complete, we will make your Photos available to download under the ‘Sessions’ section of the app. Any friends you have invited to the Session will be able to download the photos.

How do I invite friends to my Session?

Once you begin a Session, you are able to invite friends to join and download photos when they are available. Simply share your Session Link or invite friends or colleagues from within the app and once they accepted, they will be able to download photos.

How long are photos stored in the app?

We currently store photos for 30 days from the time they are uploaded into our system. If you would like us to store the photos for any longer, please send us a note in the help section. We are working with our team to extend this 30 day window.

Can I choose my own photographer?

This was a concept we thought long and hard over and decided that we would not let consumers choose their photographer beforehand. We thoroughly vet all Photographers on our platform and ensure that they are all excellent and can shoot almost any situation or location. We also found that if we allowed consumers to choose photographers, it would increase the amount of cancellations, thus decreasing the ability for our photographers to work and make it harder to create the on-demand product that we’ve built. Rest assured, with Capture, you will be more than satisfied with the value you receive from your photography experience.

What if I want to book a Session longer than one hour?

If your shoot calls for additional time, you are able to book additional 1 hour Sessions from right within the app. Simply go to your active Session and click to add 1 additional hour. We may also offer periodic discounts where you can book an additional 1 hour session for $89 immediately upon booking. This is a feature we are experimenting with in an effort to deliver longer jobs for our photographers and more assurances for our customers.

What if I need to cancel my Session?

In the event you need to cancel your Session, you will receive a full refund so long as you cancel within the first 5 minutes. Our Photographers are paid per Session, and in order to compensate them for their time, we charge a $25 cancellation fee for any Session cancelled after 5 minutes. Once your Session starts, if you cancel for any reason, you will be charged the entire $99 Session rate (or whatever the equivalent pricing is).

What if I don’t like the photos?

For our typical Session, you should expect to receive anywhere from 10 – 50 photos, and our hope is that you are happy with at least 5-10 of the photos, if not many many more. If for any reason you are not happy with the overall value you received from our service, please contact us and we’ll do whatever it takes to keep you as a happy customer.

What equipment do photographers have?

We have a minimum kit we require all our photographers to carry to ensure they can shoot any situation or location, that kit includes a wide-angle lens and a  flash. This will enable them to shoot in a dark room as well as shoot any landscape or architectural features you may require.

Can I book Capture as a gift?

While we don’t currently have gift cards available, you can easily drop a pin on your desired location and instruct the Capture Photographer to meet your gift recipient and shoot them. From there, you would just need to invite them to the photo Session to receive photos when available.